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One day a man was taking a ride on a train. That day, a woman walked in and sat down across from him wearing what looked like an old fashioned white lace wedding gown and holding a white bundle in her arms.

The man said hello, but she just cradled the bundle in her hands and stared out the window. After about an hour, the woman looked at the man and smiled. She started to talk but no words came from her mouth. Then she laughed soundlessly.

The confused man shook his head and tried to ask her what she was saying, but she only looked toward the window and laughed some more. All of a sudden she gripped the bundle in her hands tightly and silently screamed in horror before fainting in her seat, the bundle still clutched in her arms.

The man ran to get help, but when he got back with a staff member from the train the woman was gone. He described the woman to the staff member who raised his eyebrows and chuckled at the disturbed passenger. He explained that he must have seen the ghost of the train.

The staff member told the man that a newlywed couple was on their way to their honeymoon when the new husband stuck his head out of the window to declare his love for his new bride for all the world to hear. Tragically, a loose wire of a passing train sliced through his neck, nearly decapitating him and killing him instantly. When the staff heard the screams they came to find that the woman was cradling her husbandís head in her hands and the body was lying on the floor. The staff member said that the woman was sitting in her husbandís pool of blood.

They say that the woman went mad and spent the rest of her life in an asylum until she cut her own head off.